Neil Obbard, Author, Visiting St Peters’ Church Yately 29th-30th May

Neil Obbard, Author of ‘One Shot, One Kill, One Mission’,who shared his story at the Bursledon Information Day, is coming to Yateley in May, and would like to share his story with as many as possible. At present, the following is planned.
29th May 2019.
An afternoon event in St. Peter’s Church, to start at 3pm. Please contact Nancy Collins for this event, e-mail or phone 01252-870439
We need to know numbers.
29th May 2019.
A ticketed evening meal event in St. Peter’s Church, to start at 7:30pm. Please contact the Church Office for full details. E mail address Phone 01252 912761. Church website –
30th May 2019
A ticketed Men’s Breakfast in the morning in Cafe 46 at 7:30am. Café 46 is beside the Church. Please contact the Church Office as above.

Staff Sergeant Neil Obbard of the Adjutant General’s Corps had an extraordinary military career, having been deployed to Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. Neil became an expert sniper who was engaged in special operations combat missions. He served a vital and enduring role on the battlefield, in terms of intelligence-gathering, target identification and eliminating high-value targets. He was also attached to the SAS in a supporting role for combat missions at various times.
It was during his time in the armed forces that Neil gave his life to Christ through the ministry of several folk from St Peter’s at the Mothers’ Union AFIA holiday. Today, Neil’s ministry focus is on sharing the Gospel and equipping Christians to share their faith.