Exploiting children for profit is wrong

Research out today shows that 80% of UK parents believe media and marketing with sexualized content is too easily accessed by children, and makes them sexually aware too young.

Research carried out amongst 1,000 parents by ComRes, for Mothers’ Union, showed that 71% of parents believe that the media encourages children to act older […]

Prayer at mid-day

When do you pray?

Some people pray occasionally, some in emergencies, some daily, some frequently each day. Everyone is different, but some patterns of prayer bind groups of people together.

Mothers’ Union supporters have a pattern of prayer which makes them stop whatever work or meetings they may be undertaking together at mid-day, and […]

Celebrating love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day often falls in National Marriage Week. It gives churches the opportunity to celebrate God’s gift of love and marriage, and the commitment that both involve.

Mothers’ Union believes strongly that marriage provides couples, and children of the couple, with the best foundation for a happy, stable family life, and that it follows that […]

One Way to Pray

Mothers’ Union is resourced by prayer, and yet we do find it difficult to pray, even though it should be as simple as a conversation with any other friend or close member of the family, because that is our relationship with God.

One helpful general guideline which many Christian’s use to pray is

PRAY – […]

Relieve, develop and plan for the future

Mothers’ Union members are active in an incredibly diverse number of ways in their communities around the world.

There are many development projects being resourced. Recent posts and our information pages detail some of them, including the Family Life Programme in Uganda, and the Literacy and Development Programme.

Other projects run by Mothers’ Union worldwide […]