Mary Sumner and Family Life Roses


The 'Family Life' Rose from Harkness Roses

There are two roses that are associated with Mothers’ Union, and which members and supporters sometimes seek as gifts. Recently we’ve been in the position to give them to retiring Trustees in the Diocese of Winchester, but in doing wish to make their source available to [...]

Enjoying faith as a family – Hand in Hand

Mothers’ Union has produced a fantastic new resource called “Hand in Hand”, which is has been created to help families enjoy their faith together. This resource is meant both for parents who are already strong in their faith and desire to nurture this in their children, and for those who fell less certain.

The booklet [...]

Celebrating our international links in a ‘Wave of Prayer’

Mothers’ Union members working together in Muhabura

Mothers’ Union is a large family with members in 81 countries around the world. As with any big family, keeping in touch is important, and we do this by having small groups of regions called diocese (because we’re based on the Anglican pattern of ‘government’) linked together. [...]

Travelling Festivals

Travelling Festivals are enjoyable projects, enabling local groups to reach out to families with young children.

They can bring the stories behind major Christian festivals into the homes of families connected to your church, in the midst of what are becoming increasingly commercial times of year.

Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Winchester think [...]

Exploiting children for profit is wrong

Research out today shows that 80% of UK parents believe media and marketing with sexualized content is too easily accessed by children, and makes them sexually aware too young.

Research carried out amongst 1,000 parents by ComRes, for Mothers’ Union, showed that 71% of parents believe that the media encourages children to act older [...]