Family Holiday 15th – 22nd August 2015


The Away From It All (AFIA) Family Holiday is run by the Mothers’ Union and supporters in the Diocese of Winchester for a week in the summer as a ‘House Party’.  It is our biggest practical project supporting families, and each year makes a huge difference to people’s lives.

We will be returning to Lodge Hill, near Pulborough, West Sussex, for this years holiday. (It’s well worth clicking the link to see how exciting this years venue is!) The holiday will be running from 15th – 22nd August.

What is the family holiday?

  • A rural get-away;
  • A week of fun and activities for all ages;
  • A time for relaxation and refreshment.

Who is the family holiday for?

  • A family who needs a break from their current situation, including lone parents, low income families, grandparent-led families, those who have recently been bereaved – any sort of family unit you care to think of;
  • A family who otherwise couldn’t afford a holiday;
  • Anyone who will enjoy being part of house-party style holiday.

What do the Mothers’ Union provide on the Family Holiday?

  • A friendly and supportive team to look after the guests;
  • Activity groups for the children;
  • An outing;
  • Some evening baby sitting;
  • Evening entertainment for all;
  • A fancy dress disco.
Lodge Hill provides
  • Easy access to local attractions;
  • Full board for approximately 60 people;
  • Facilities including lounges (including quiet zone), traverse wall climbing, tennis court, games room with table tennis, pool and football tables, 5-a-side football pitch, and more…
  • Cots and high chairs on request;
  • Vegetarian and special diet meals if notified beforehand.

The cost of sharing in the Family Holiday in 2015, which includes full board, many activities and one outing is

  • £460/adult,
  • £440/child aged 7-18 years,
  • £240/child aged 2-7 years,
  • £50/child under 2’s years.

Although many team members and some guests pay their way, most of the costs are borne by Mothers’ Union members raising funds to support families from their local communities. Mothers’ Union members also help local families through the application process and continue support enabling access to local provisions after the holiday is over.

If you think you know of a family who could benefit from the Mothers’ Union Family Holiday, and they live in the area covered by the mainland parts of the Diocese of Winchester (North Hampshire down to Southampton and stretching West into parts of Bournemouth), please

  • Identify through us, or your local Anglican church, a Mothers’ Union group and contact who will help the family complete the application form, raise money and possibly keep in touch after the holiday;
  • If possible, make a donation to, or arrange a fund-raising event for our Family Holiday fund;
  • Pray for the family, and ask others to do the same.


If you think you have what it takes to be a team member, are willing to share whatever talents you have for the benefit of others, and have a Christian faith, you can also get in touch with us. Team members have to be over 18 and be willing to undertake a full Criminal Records Bureau enhanced disclosure. We have a complete team assigned for 2015, but do contact us if you’d like to help in future years. 

Family Holiday Prayer 

Lord, we thank and praise you for your blessing on the Family Holiday year by year. We ask that all those involved in the running of the holiday may be able to discern your will, and that the guests may enjoy the rest, support and fun provided, as well as your blessing in their lives.  In Jesus’ name we ask, Amen.


If you have a church or group who would like to hear more about the Mothers’ Union Family Holiday and how it changes lives, please contact us, and one of our Commissioned Speakers would be delighted to visit you.


Photographs on this page are reproduced with permission and are the work of one of the team members and professional photographer Steve Mann