The Mothers’ Union produces a large range of resources which are used nationally and internationally, and we also sometimes produce materials for members in the Diocese of Winchester.

Our resources cover a wide range of topics, including everything from the running of a parent and toddler group to prayers for those in hospital, or study materials on relationships, the media, or issues of social concern.

Information about new materials will be posted on this website as they become available or updated. Use the ‘Resources’ link to see what is available.
All the materials published nationally (like those pictured on this page) will be available through local members at our events. Some of these can be loaned to groups or churches for one-off use. The full range currently includes:

HOME – a resource has been put together to inspire and guide you as you explore the concepts of family and home, either as a group or in personal reflection. The DVD, booklet and worship will enable you work through the five topics of home: a) provision, b) nurture, c) belonging, d) support, and e) refuge.

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER – a resource pack is designed primarily for use within small groups and encourages participants to explore what we mean by relationships, consider factors that influence how we relate and identify things we can all do to improve and develop our relationships with family, friends and the wider community.


SWITCHED ON – aims to help people consider together the role and impact of the media on family life. It contains discussion starters, group exercises, information sheets and family challenges, all designed to help people understand more about how they use and might be influenced by the media. The material can be easily adapted for use in schools.

UP TO SPEED – a resource pack targeted towards groups of parents and other carers. Produced by the Mothers’ Union and Hope UK, the pack aims to educate children on the issues surrounding drugs. The pack includes information for parents and carers that will help them as their children grow up and face new challenges.

GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE FOR PARENT AND TODDLER GROUPS – was produced together with Care for the Family, and the Salvation Army and deals with building relationships and strengthening the community. It also provides practical guidelines about how to run a successful group and promotes the important contribution that parent and toddler groups make to the local community.

RESOURCES TO HELP CHILDREN – a series of five leaflets that the Mothers’ Union has produced aimed at children, or providing advice and encouragement for those caring or working with children. The subjects covered are:

  • Taking Children Seriously (making them welcome as part of the church family);
  • Children and Bereavement (offering advice and encouragement to parents and carers supporting a grieving child);
  • Children and Spirituality (for parents wanting to encourage their child in their spiritual growth);
  • Children in Church (offering advice to parents to get the most out of time spent worshiping together);
  • Godly Play (providing ways to encounter the Bible stories creatively and imaginatively).

HERE WITH YOU – a colour prayer booklet for patients and hospital visitors. It offers prayer, Bible readings and further resources for a range of situations in hospital.


FAIR ENOUGH – a new action-packed booklet from the MU which encourages us to make small changes in our homes and daily lives to help combat the damaging effects of climate change and trade injustice on families worldwide. Containing factual information, questions for reflection, practical check-lists and resources for prayer and worship, Fair Enough reminds us that living for justice is at the heart of being the presence of God in the world.

If you are involved with international development work you may be interested in our packs which support members working with issues such as HIV/AIDS  (a pack called ‘Living Positively’) and violence (a pack called ‘Out of the Shadows’)

There are also a range of information sheets from the Get Involved – Resources section of the central Mothers’ Union website.