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Fun family worship

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About Us

There are 4 million Christians in communities around 81 countries of the world, making a difference to standards of family life in their communities, in the name of Mothers’ Union.

Supporters of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Winchester, in southern England, are doing just that: working individually and corporately to make the life of either one, or many families, just a little bit better.

“There are lots of ways that I can praise…” go the words of a children’s song… and there are very many ways in which we actively praise God by taking action. We

  • give families in crisis and difficulty the chance of a holiday through our “Away From It All” Family Holiday scheme;
  • support prisoners and the chaplaincies of the two prisons in our region;
  • work as individuals and small groups in many parishes running or supporting children’s groups, parenting groups, marriage and baptism preparation, child contact centres, women’s refuges;
  • seek to educate ourselves and others about things that impact on contemporary family life: media, drugs, relationships, the social policy of our government and the UN;
  • prayerfully, and where possible, practically help Mothers’ Union supporters and workers in our international links and projects;
  • meet for fellowship, prayer and to keep informed about latest developments in all these areas of our work, knowing that through our work, people can experience the love of Christ, and have the opportunity to discover or develop a personal relationship with God.

This website hopes to make available some key information pages about our activities and how you can get involved, and, through our postings keep you up to date with relevant news, events and links that relate to our work.