Welcome to the website of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Winchester; we are a small part of a Worldwide Christian membership Charity with 4 million members in 83 countries.

We are priviledged to be the ‘home’ of the Mothers’ Union which started with the vision of Mary Sumner, over 140 years ago, in the village of Old Alresford some 8 miles from the City of Winchester, once the ancient capital of England.

The Cathedral with its inspiring architecture is at the heart of the city and the Diocese. Mary Sumner is buried in the Cathedral Grounds – an area known as ‘paradise’.

In the following pages you will find more about our organisation locally; the work and projects we are involved with; resources which we hope will help you individually and in your branches,  and links to the Worldwide Mothers’ Union. Please browse to your hearts content.

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A Prayer for Manchester after the Bombing.

By Rachel Mann, priest in the Diocese of Manchester

Compassionate God, whose Love dares to dwell in the midst of us. Be with the people of Manchester today. Grieve with us in our grief, search with us as we seek out lost loved ones, wait with us in the anxiety of unknowing. Help us to give thanks for the people of Manchester – warm, open, generous and resilient; Help us to draw on the spirit of solidarity and the defiance in loss of this great city. Be with our emergency services in this time of trial. In the midst of our fears, and the fierce pain of loss; when our commitment to justice and mercy and kindness is tested by death and terror, be with us, O Lord. Today let us mourn, let us weep; meet us in our anger, fear and disbelief. Tomorrow help us be makers of your compassionate world. Amen