Kumasi 2022
MMartha Boetingartha Boateng, Mothers’ Union Community Development

Kumasi is a diocese in Ghana within the Province of West Africa.


Martha writes “We have campaigned along with the National Council on Women and Development to make the Government give loans to women to start their own businesses. This resultedin women being able to sell things like vegetables, salt and biscuits.

We held a workshop focusing on sustaining marriages in our communities; praying for
our husbands and ourselves to settle in our marriages, we should forgive and love one

We run parenting sessions to encourage parents to take good care of their children and
to teach them the beliefs and tradition of the church and the country as a whole. This
goes along with our family life training where we have focused on the role of the mother
in law in marriage. This is relevant as in Africa many households consist of extended
families where living in harmony is essential.”
‘The Jesus answered them; “My teaching is not mine but his who sent me.’ John 7:16