Away From It All Project – looking forward
Our Away From It All holiday has been running since the 1960s, although it has changed in a number
of ways over the years. However, the cost of the week-long holiday has steadily increased and our
ability to raise the funds to pay for it has declined.

The expectations of families have also changed and the type of family holiday that we offer in the past no longer meets their needs.

A number of our amazing team of helpers who have supported the Family Holiday are also no longer available to help.

After discussing the position with our team leaders, our trustees therefore decided that we
will not run a residential family holiday this summer, but will look at other options for supporting
families who need a break.

We are keen to support families so if branches have suggestions on ways we can support families through the AFIA fund, or if they know of local families that need support then please can contact:

Sue Murphy on or 07514 024157.

We plan to celebrate the achievements of our AFIA holiday over the years by holding a thanksgiving
service later this year.