Subscription rates for 2023 for Mothers’ Union Winchester Diocese
The Trustee board met on 28th September 2022 and agreed the following subscription rates for 2023. Central Mothers’ Union has increased their subscription per member to £21 because of rising costs, but the diocese is holding their contribution at the same rate as 2022.
The subscription rates are as follows:
– Single branch membership £31
– Joint branch membership £60
– Single postal diocesan membership £36
– Joint postal diocesan membership £65
– Single electronic diocesan membership £31
– Joint electronic diocesan membership £60

Postal diocesan members will receive paper copies of Archway, and reminders about their subscription via post.
Electronic members will receive Archway and reminders about their subscription via email. However, they are welcome to collect paper copies of Archway at Diocesan Information Days for themselves or others.

5th October 2022

For more information, please contact Sue Murphy on 07514 024157 or